Caves of Cliffport

Caves of Cliffport Campaign

Solve the mystery of the Cliffport Caves

The “Caves of Cliffport” is a home-grown D&D 3.5 campaign designed for a party of level 3-4 characters. The current party engaged in the campaign are all third level and include a paladin, wizard, barbarian and rogue. This is the first adventure for these characters to be working together.

This campaign utilizes a home-built “digital gaming table” which has an 18”x24” computer monitor projected from underneath the table onto a screen so that players can utilize miniatures on digital battle grids and so the DM can bring up documents, graphic images and maps to facilitate the game play. Anything that can be shown on a computer monitor can be shown on the digital gaming table screen.

The ultimate cast:

Orophin – elf rogue, third level.

Euha – dwarf paladin, third level.

Krush – half-orc barbarian, third level.

Tyrrvanus – elf wizard, third level.

Melinko – gnome wizard/cleric third level.

Euha was a participant in the Hanorian Campaign which was archived on this linked website.

Here is a “satellite view” map of the Cliffport area.


Tyrrvanus wasn’t bleeding into the grass for no reason.

It was an opportunity to spend some time in quiet contemplation. Knowledge is useless if one does not take some time to reflect and internalize all that one has learned.

Caves of Cliffport Campaign

Well, he had a few rounds to contemplate in peace then.

Caves of Cliffport Campaign

To try to make this more manageable I am putting the session updates in the comments section of new posts. That way we shouldn’t have to have a dozen sessions all on one page.

Caves of Cliffport Campaign

I (and others) feel your pain about the long posts. I’ve added an item to the TODO list for breaking up long posts. Please discuss with others in the forums

Caves of Cliffport Campaign

Thanks Micah, I’ve attempted to use the new feature. It seems to be working great!

Caves of Cliffport Campaign

Excuse me but Orophin is an elf.

Caves of Cliffport Campaign

Oops, sorry Orophin! I fixed it. Mental lapse on my part, I assure you…

Caves of Cliffport Campaign

Add the players to your campaign and they can make fixes themselves. Look for the Edit link next to the Party list on the main campaign page. From there you can invite the members of the campaign.

Caves of Cliffport Campaign

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