Caves of Cliffport

Session 2: A shot in the dark...

Wherein we learn that Orophin's bow has a hair-trigger

Session 2: April 2, 2008 – We left our intrepid heroes at the Cliffport tavern, where they were eating breakfast with Captain Gank-Tzi, the head of the Cliffport constables. Gank had just heard the party claim to have driven the red-haired halfling girl away in defeat. This seemed to impress him, and he then told the party that he had an idea who the little halfling girl was. So he gave the group the Story of Korrin Berrytoes.

(Captain Gank-Tzi says…) “About ten years ago Cliffport had no halflings living here. Then one day a group of ragtag halflings was seen coming down the Inland Road. They were badly beaten up, most of them were wounded in some way or another. They told a tale of having been run out of their village by invading goblins and kobolds working together. Most of their community had been killed, but those that remained had taken what they could and fled. They had nowhere else to go, so the citizens of Cliffport voted to help them build a small community and become a part of Cliffport, and they have been valued citizens ever since.”

“But there was one halfling girl, maybe twelve years old or so, both of whose parents had been killed in the fight. She was an unpopular girl nonetheless although the halflings would not say much about her. A local human family took her in, but soon realized why the other halflings shunned her. She was a wild thing, cunning and physically gifted, but wholly devoted to her own selfish desires. After about four years she was kicked out and found herself on her own.”

“She managed to somehow eke out a living doing odd jobs, and moved into one of the many white caves that riddle the white cliffs where she managed to stay warm and dry. After a while she stopped doing odd jobs, and the town mostly forgot about her. Until the first body showed up, that is. Her story was that she was the victim of an attempted rape, and she was only defending herself. Without proof or witnesses, the Magistrate took her word for it, but warned her that he would remember her if anything happened in the future. Within a year he was back hearing how she had defended herself from an attempted robbery, leading to another corpse with its blood on her hands.”

“This is where I come in. The Magistrate asked me to do some snooping around, and I tracked her back to her cave and found it full of missing goods that had been reported stolen. I waited for her to come back and confronted her with the evidence of her thieving. The little rat attacked me, and managed to get a dagger in my side. I was lucky to conk her pretty little head with my cudgel, and brought her back where she was sentenced to two years for robbery, which she did in the local jail. I was her jailkeeper and just managed to keep her from breaking out of jail a couple of times. Still, I was her only companion most of the time and she seemed to enjoy having someone to talk to, so I got to know her pretty well. She’s an evil, evil thing.”

“At the end of her two years, she swore revenge on the town and headed up the coast to Freeport. I’ve got some old army buddies there, and I asked one of them to keep an eye or ear on her when he could. He said that she managed to get into the wizard school there, and actually graduated a year or so ago. I thought things might actually turn out well for her, until she got caught in the act of burglarizing one of the main magic shops. She killed a constable and managed to escape, and she took a couple of magic items with her they say, although nobody will say what they were. That was about six months ago, and nobody saw hide nor hair of her until just a few weeks ago. That is IF this red-haired halfling you fought was the same girl, and I think she is.”

The party listened to the story and asked a few questions which Gank answered as best as he could:

“Yes, I know where she used to live, I can draw you a simple map, it’s not that hard to find.”

“No, she didn’t use any magic on me when we fought, I assume she picked those skills up in Freeport. She was tough enough before learning magic, I guess she’s got to be a pretty tough cookie now.”

As this was going on, a small figure at a nearby table suddenly interjected and informed the party that he had studied at the Wizard school with Korrin, and knew her well. He seemed unsurprised by her “issues” but still offered to help the party attempt to solve the town’s mystery and perhaps help capture young Korrin. His name was Melinko.

Just then a ruckus arose in the street outside the tavern and a young lady burst into the room where she ran up to Captain Gank-Tzi and breathlessy explained that the Mayor’s duaghter was missing. Two bodyguards were dead. Gank immediately rose and told the group he would have to investigate this new crisis. The party was free to pursue whatever path they wanted to take.

The rest of that day the party shopped and healed from their first encounter with Korrin. The local magic shop’s proprieter Joshua, upon learning that they were attempting to solve the mystery, informed them that his son Josh was one of the missing citizens, and offered them special prices on some useful magic items, but made them promise that they would look for his boy as part of their effort to solve the mystery.

The next morning the party headed out, following the map Gank had given them. Upon leaving the town and entering a wooded area, they followed what looked to be an old path. After a short time they were suddenly startled to hear a disembodied high-pitched female voice. There was nobody to be seen.

“Be careful, you need to turn back!” the voice said. Orophin told Krush to see if the voice was coming from behind a bush. Krush rushed around the bush where he was struck by a pointy stick that had been rigged to spring out if a tripwire were disturbed. The voice, meanwhile, moved around to the left and behind the party. Tyrrvanus tried to keep the rest of the party between him and the voice. “Be careful! The voice insisted, “Go back! All who go this way die!”

Orophin drew his bow, and listening carefully, he fired an arrow in the direction of the voice.

“What!? You SHOT at me!?” the voice cried indignantly, and then went silent. There was a moment of quietness and then the sudden appearance of a small female form, with large irridescent wings who had appeared behind Tyrrvanus, caught in the act of attempting to thrust a short sword into him. But she missed.

The party swung into action. Tyrrvanus dodged away from the flying female and muttered a quick spell, and instantly disappeared from sight. Orophin rushed forward and attempted to do grievous bodily harm to the female, but merely wounded her, causing her to cry out in pain and frustration. Melinko raised his arm and spoke a quick spell, directing it at their opponent, but it seemed to have no effect. Euha also rushed forward, and attempted to inflict a blow on the flying female form, but missed. Suddenly a new form appeared from out of nowhere, a male dressed in leather, carrying a bow, and weilding a short sword. He attacked Euha, but was unable to penetrate the paladin’s armor. The female then darted forward, flanking Orophin, but again her attack was ineffective. Then Krush charged in, swinging his huge battleaxe, and dealt a massive blow to the man.

Orophin took a step away from the girl and aimed a deadly stroke at the man, but only did slight damage. Melinko sent a spray of what appeared to be magic missiles at the man, who ducked in fear, but appeared to be unharmed. Euha sent another blow at the man, but missed. Tyrrvanus remained invisible and contemplated the battle, looking for his most effective strategy, which for now turned out to be doing nothing. The sword-wielding man took a step backwards and pulled a potion from his shirt, drinking it quickly. He seemed much restored afterwards. The flying girl moved backwards a bit, and suddenly vanished. Krush again charged the man and dealt him yet another massive blow, but the effect of the potion appeared to be substantial, as he did not go down.

The encounter continued, Although the man managed to get off a blast of blue energy, striking Krush, his effort was doomed, and soon he was unconscious and bleeding into the ground. A few party members heard a sound from nearby and rushed forth, Tyrrvanus suddenly becoming visible as a spray of color rushed forth from his hand. But they were unable to determine if they had hit the invisible girl or not. Melinko decided to use some of his magical healing to keep the unconscious man from dying, and as he did this, again the girl appeared from nowhere, behind Tyrrvanus, where she cast a swift spell and attempted to stab Tyrrvanus. Her effort was rewarded with a quick and effective attack from the party, and soon Melinko was using his healing skills to stop her from bleeding to death.

After a bit of bandaging of wounds (and some looting of goods) the party had Krush carry the two back to town, where they were presented to a bemused Captain Gank-Tzi. Explaining their encounter, the party suggested locking the two up and interrogating them. The Captain agreed and had one of his deputies go and bring back a local cleric who healed the man enough to bring him back to consciousness.

The man awoke, took in his surroundings and immediately accused the party of attempting to murder him and the still unconscious girl. “We were just trying to warn them not to go on!” he shouted. “These men attacked us for no reason!” Melinko and Tyrrvanus attempted to question the man, but he denied knowing anything about Korrin or the missing people and again appealed directly to Gank-Tzi asking why he was in the cell when his attackers were free.

Captain Gank-Tzi sent a deputy out to corroborate the party’s story. As he did this, Melinko studied the man, looking for any sign as to his motivations. He decided that the man was definitely lying about “just passing through” the area. Soon the deputy returned, slightly out of breath, and he quickly gave Gant-Tzi his report.

“Well, it looks like there was a fight in the woods alright and it matches your story pretty well” he told Tyrrvanus. “And I am pretty sure you went there following the map I gave you, so I tend to believe that you did not intend to waylay any innocent citizens. But something is strange here, and I need to get to the bottom of it.” He looked at the man “You and the girl will remain my guests for now.”

Melinko interrupted “I can get to the bottom of this, Captain” he said. “if you will but let me cast a harmless spell.”

Gank considered this for a moment and said “OK, but if you harm one hair on his head, you’ll regret it.”

Melinko intoned the arcane commands and directed his magic at the caged man, but it seemed to have no effect.

Tyrrvanus looked around and said “Hmmm… I could attempt to charm him too, but I don’t seem to have that in my repertoire today.”

At this point the session came to an end.


Considering the DC of Melinko’s spells, he does seem awfully inept at this point.

Session 2: A shot in the dark...

Hey, sometimes the rolls go one way, some times another, and sometimes the circumstances are not conducive to certain spell effects. I could say the same thing about the little flying girl and her sneak attack attempts, every one of which failed miserably. Your illusion worked, it just didn’t do any damage. ;-) If I recall the only spells that failed were the daze and the charm. If I had reversed the attack roll and the save roll, the charm might have worked, but the sneak attack might have put Tyrrvanus down. It balances out.

Session 2: A shot in the dark...

LOL. I know the rolls went well for them, it’s just that I hadn’t envisioned that happening when I built Melinko. I think it’s great, don’t get me wrong, cause that will just give him more motivation to study harder and get better at his spellcasting. I love RP opportunities!

Session 2: A shot in the dark...

To be honest I was deeply disappointed in the NPC’s sneak attack rolls. I can’t believe I missed every freaking time! If I had hit with even one of those, it would have probably been bad for your party…

But I did roll well on saves against you, as I recall I rolled an 18 and a 16, and both the NPCs had decent bonuses on their saves. I felt bad on that last roll particularly. I was pretty sure you were going to charm him. But he’s still in the cell, so maybe you’ll get another chance.

I had planned on two encounters for you last week. But I had to go and do that full role-playing exercise, and by the time we wrapped that up, I just didn’t have time to get both in. Next time will definitely be more action.

Session 2: A shot in the dark...

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