Glik'ton Smokeweed

Halfling druid


Glik’ton is a halfling druid (Ghostwise race) with an aversion to combat. He typically teams up with Korrin Berrytoes to provide her with buffs and to summon animals who provide Korrin with melee flanking opportunities so she can benefit from her sneak attack abilities.

Glik’ton has a dire rat as an animal companion.


Glik’ton wears leather armor but is so inept and clumsy that he is essentially a target if his opponents ever figure out where he is. But since his opponents are usually focused on the red-haired halfling in their midst, his contributions to the encounter are usually completely overlooked, which is fine with him. Glik’ton and Korrin invest heavily in invisibility potions, wands or scrolls and would never begin an encounter unless they were both invisible. Glik’ton is secretly deeply in love with Korrin but Korrin is only in love with herself.

Glik'ton Smokeweed

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