Korrin Berrytoes

Halfling rogue/wizard


Korrin Berrytoes is a level 1 Rogue and level 3 wizard. She has bright red hair and intense green eyes. She normally does not wear armor, but carries a set of daggers in sheaths on her belt and thighs.

Korrin is essentially a melee wizard, with enough of a touch of rogue to give her sneak attacks some bite. She uses her wizard spells to buff herself up to improve both her offensive and defensive melee abilities. She is a two-weapon fighter using daggers in both hands and in close combat she sometimes will throw the daggers.


Korrin’s main delight in life is to be in the middle of a huge melee battle where she is the lone attacker against multiple defenders. She uses her buffs (such as “mage armor” and “shield”) to get her armor class as high as possible and then depends on her ability to avoid damage as she dances through the chaos of melee doing as much damage as she possibly can.

She typically teams up with the druid Glik’ton Smokeweed who summons animals as flanking opportunities for her and distractions for her enemies. Glik’ton also uses “Snake’s Swiftness” for special opportunities for Korrin to get two attacks in one round. Glik’ton does not engage in combat, he is mortally afraid of weapons and violence. In general he remains invisible and has his summoned animals and animal companion support Korrin’s performances.

Her favorite tactic is to use the animals to engage the enemy, which usually smokes out the spell caster. She uses invisibility potions or spells to sneak up on the spell caster as the group fights the summoned animals, and then does as much sneak attack damage as possible to the spell caster.

She has a special love/hate relationship with rogues. She considers rogues to be woefully inadequate due to their lack of ability to use magic to enhance their melee powers. Nothing pleases her more than to face off with a rogue one-on-one and leave them dying in the dust as she dances away.

Korrin is very talkative during these melee engagements and she will frequently come to respect and even admire her opponents even as she deals them a fatal death blow. She fully expects to die in battle one day, but so far she has managed to stay alive using her skills, her wits and her repertoire of magic spells.

Korrin Berrytoes

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