Caves of Cliffport

Session 3: Things heat up
Wherein the party catches a buzz

Session 3: May 2, 2008 – We left the party in the Cliffport jailhouse where they had taken and imprisoned the two individuals they had nearly killed in the woods outside of the entry to Korrin Berrytoes’ cave. Captain Gank-Tzi seemed to be getting suspicious of the party’s explanation of their encounter with the two captives, but he mostly held his tongue. For now.

Session 2: A shot in the dark...
Wherein we learn that Orophin's bow has a hair-trigger

Session 2: April 2, 2008 – We left our intrepid heroes at the Cliffport tavern, where they were eating breakfast with Captain Gank-Tzi, the head of the Cliffport constables. Gank had just heard the party claim to have driven the red-haired halfling girl away in defeat. This seemed to impress him, and he then told the party that he had an idea who the little halfling girl was. So he gave the group the Story of Korrin Berrytoes.

Session 1: Redheads are freaky
Wherein the party is introduced to a red-headed halfling girl who loves to "dance".

Session 1: March 19, 2008 – Each of the party members responds to Cliffport’s desperate pleas for the help of heroes to solve their problem of kidnapped citizens. They travel to Cliffport but are intercepted just before reaching the city, for some entertainment…

Caves of Cliffport Campaign
Solve the mystery of the Cliffport Caves

The “Caves of Cliffport” is a home-grown D&D 3.5 campaign designed for a party of level 3-4 characters. The current party engaged in the campaign are all third level and include a paladin, wizard, barbarian and rogue. This is the first adventure for these characters to be working together.

This campaign utilizes a home-built “digital gaming table” which has an 18”x24” computer monitor projected from underneath the table onto a screen so that players can utilize miniatures on digital battle grids and so the DM can bring up documents, graphic images and maps to facilitate the game play. Anything that can be shown on a computer monitor can be shown on the digital gaming table screen.

The ultimate cast:

Orophin – elf rogue, third level.

Euha – dwarf paladin, third level.

Krush – half-orc barbarian, third level.

Tyrrvanus – elf wizard, third level.

Melinko – gnome wizard/cleric third level.

Euha was a participant in the Hanorian Campaign which was archived on this linked website.

Here is a “satellite view” map of the Cliffport area.


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